fredag 28 januari 2011

House of Hoofing, tap classes at Danscenter

House of Hoofing will be teaching the tap dance classes at Danscenter Stockholm. Thursdays, starting Feb 3. Happy if you come! The film is from my tap demo at the DC Open House.

torsdag 20 januari 2011

Stockholm Tap Festival web update

Is sleep overrated? Was up all night until 7am, fixing the STF website with Larsa... But I feel fresher than ever! Usually always sleep at least 8 hours. Maybe should reduce it to about 0 hours? Whatever!! Check out the STF web update!
Gotta go. Teaching and performing at Danscenters open house today. Later.

tisdag 11 januari 2011

Tap classes in Stockholm, spring 2011

Här är länkar till steppkurserna för respektive dansstudio. Dags att komma i form nu till påsk och Stockholm Tap Festival, Europas största stepp-event med deltagare från hela världen.
"Sluta deppa, börja steppa!" 

Swedish Swing Society


Chicago Swing Dance Studio



Swingkatten - Uppsala

Michael Jackson - a tap dancer

Most people dont know that Michael Jackson was a hoofer! Read this article about MJ and his tap dancing: Michael Jackson's love of tap

söndag 9 januari 2011

House of Hoofing #1

Thank you all who came to the tap dance workshop with Thomas Marek! Frikking great classes I must say. Thomas really knows how tap should sound, great musician.  And as he said: "It's really just an annoying clonk thing, you have to struggle making it sound like music."

Working hard with this years Stokholm Tap Festival, meeting today at the STF headquarters (Andrew's place). Check out the teachers at the STF website! Faculty STF 2011

Tomorrow I will be shooting a web commercial for P3 Guld, swedsih public service radio. Will let you know when the film is up on their web.

Ok, first blogg comment made! Tap dance will soon rule the world!
Hmm, I need a House of Hoofing logo... Found it!