onsdag 11 januari 2012

Stepp / Tap Dance, Stockholm vår 2012

So, time for a new semester of classes. I'm listing all (I think) studios in town (and in Uppsala) offering tap classes. No excuses now, time to get in shape for Stockholm Tap Festival =) Maybe other places where you can tap too, please let me know if you have more information.

Mondays at Kulturama , DansCompagniet
Tuesdays at DansCompagniet and BASE 23
Wednesdays at Swedish Swing Society and Lasse Kühlers (starting 18 april)
Thursdays at Danscenter
Sundays at Chicago

+ in Uppsala at Swingkatten and Ekeby Dansstudio

There will also be open practises at Swedish Swing Society, every other week. More info soon.

And I'm teaching private classes too, where you can practise exactly what's best for YOU. Dont hesitate to contact me if you're interested, and we figure something out.

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