fredag 28 december 2012

Stockholm Tap Festival 2013: Useful info

Working on the last details and the online registration will open very soon. Here is some additional info to help you plan your travels and book flights etc.
A festival pass is 2600 SEK (student/youth 2300 SEK) and includes all classes at your choosen level (total of 14 classes), and includes entrance to all evening events (except the Teachers Gala). Additional master classes is 1,5 h and costs 250 SEK

The master classes on Thursday 28th runs all day starting at 11.00. Main schedule starts 10.00 Friday 29th. Master classes on Tuesday runs all day and end around 19.00, all times are preliminary.
We're planning five big evening events, starting with the Thursday Opening Party and finishing off with Teachers Gala and Farewell Party on Monday 1st.

Most likely we'll have the free accommodation we offered last year, just waiting for 100% confirmation. It's only floor space, so you have to bring you own sleeping gear. Also working on a discount at a nearby hotel, info on that as soon it is set. A good alternative is a nearby hostel, usually a bunch of STF people stay there: Skanstull Hostel

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

Happy New Year!
Andrew Liebmann, Larsa Jemt, Jonas Nermyr

ps.   Please help spread the word about STF to everyone! Thanks!  ds

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