torsdag 23 april 2015

Special theme courses at Swedish Swing Society - Tap and Verncaular Jazz

 Jonas Nermyr of HoH will be teaching two courses at Swedish Swing Society in May. Mondays will be Authentic Jazz, focusing on rhythmical patterns and flash steps, and Thursdays will be Tap, working on old classical Time Steps and more other in that style.

All info and registration on SSS web: Swedish Swing Society

See you in class!

Jonas started swing dancing 26 years ago. He was a leading member of the swing dance company Basie's Bunch for more than ten years and went on tour with them all around the world to places like NY City, Washington DC, London and Munich. Competed in lindy hop for twelve years and was member of the Swedish National Team. 5th place in the 1995 World Championship, silver medal in the World Championship 1999, and numerous gold, silver and bronze medals in the Swedish Championships.

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